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Advancing the quality of life for ALL people of Lexington is essential. Local Businesses, large and small, create the economic engine of our city, jobs and job-readiness is the fuel.

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The balance and blend between Lexington’s rural, suburban, downtown and urban spaces makes our city special and unique.

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Get out and vote Tuesday, November 4!

Meet Anthany Beatty

I am Anthany Beatty, Sr., born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky. I am proud to live in a city where my grandparents, parents, and now my children, and grandchildren call home. I am a graduate of Henry Clay High School, Eastern Kentucky University, and Kentucky State University.

“My opponent prides himself on being a builder of buildings. I am a builder of communities and neighborhoods. Public Safety, public service, and fiscal stewardship, all exist to improve our communities; and communities exist to enrich our lives. I am a builder of communities and neighborhoods”.

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About Me

Meet Anthany Beatty: Elect Beatty for Mayor of Lexington. He is Informed and Energized. He is committed to making Lexington a city where there is opportunity and a great quality of life for all its citizens. 35 years of local government Experience. He is the former Chief of Police of Lexington, and currently, an employee (Administrator) of the University of Kentucky, the largest employer of the city of Lexington.

Educated and a graduate of Henry Clay High School, Eastern Kentucky University, and Kentucky State University. Distinguished Alumni and Hall of Fame recipient, of Henry Clay and EKU. Beatty’s Extraordinary Leadership as former Chief of Police, 2001-2007, led the Lexington Division of Police from being a good police agency to being a world-class police agency, receiving national and international award recognitions. And, in 2005, Lexington was named 1 of 5 safest cities in the USA.

Throughout all of Lexington Beatty is Engaged with people from all walks of life, communities, and civic activities. He volunteers and serves on boards and committees, and has received numerous awards and accolades honoring his leadership, dedication, and service in the community where he lives.

Beatty Cares about His City. He is deeply rooted in Lexington, Kentucky. Born and raised in Lexington, Beatty is among nine generations of Beatty family place-makers in Lexington-Fayette County. A husband, father, grandfather, and son, Beatty is a family man and ready to be your Mayor of Lexington.

Meet Beatty’s Family: Beatty is married to Dr. Eunice A. Beatty, a native of Lexington, and a retired college professor and administrator, and his wife of 38 years. They have two sons, Anthany, Jr. (Stephanie), Embry (Denise) and five grandchildren (Brandy, Bryson, Kennedy, Peyton, Embry).


2134 Nicholasville Rd, Suite 12
Lexington KY 40503
Phone: (859) 317-5107

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